Friday, September 5, 2008


Mmmmm Kimbab. My newest favorite fast food. It consists of a seaweed roll, rice, vegetables, and usually some type of meat. Seriously, it is amazing. Luckily this is a cheap dish in Ilsan, as is most Korean food. Christine and I can usually eat a dinner together for roughly 10,000 won (~$8.05 USD). Last night we ate dinner at a restraunt just outside of the school (we have a two hour break in classes on Tuesday and Thursday evening). Aside from Kimbab, we also ordered a soup that I keep forgetting the name of. I've had it twice now since we have been in South Korea and it would totally kick chicken noodle soup's butt.

The nicest thing about dinning out in Korea is that you do not tip the waiter. I'm not saying you are supposed to be mean to the waiter, but it is just not customary to tip. Also, the small amount of tax is already included in the price of the meal or whatever else you are purchasing. So, when you see something that is 3,000 won, it will only cost you 3,000. This includes charge for delivery! We are still eating out for most meals as this seems to be the cheapest route so far. It is also nice to come home from work and not have to worry about cooking a meal.

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Lesley said...

Hey cousin! (And Christine!) Wow, how exciting for you two :) Hope all is well and teaching is going well and you're enjoying yourselves. Send some of that kimbab here to Canada, will ya?

I'm glad you've started a blog, and I'll be sure to pop in regularly to see how you two are doing. Best of luck and lots of love,

Lesley (your coolest cousin) :)

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