Monday, September 1, 2008

(Hello Earth)

Hello from Korea! Joe and I arrived late last night at Incheon International Airport, which looks something like this. It's a google photo. We'll post pictures as soon as we settle down and figure out how we're going to charge my laptop.

Our director, Sun, picked us up from the airport. He's a young guy who showed up in jeans and a baseball cap and also, as we figured out on our drive back, a very funny, honest guy. He helped us find a hotel room (we can't move into our apartment until tomorrow - the previous tenants haven't moved out yet), picked us up this morning for work, dropped us off after work, and is helping us move tomorrow.

We started work today. We got oriented by Doug and Annie, the couple we're replacing. The first few hours were spent frantically making copies of syllabus, homework guidelines, and workbooks. We were both assigned desks with computers. We both have about 6 classes on Mondays and Wednesday, 40 minutes each, spread throughout 8 hours. It's not as bad as I imagined. The English level of each class varies, as does the age group. My favorite was my last class, which was comprised of a bunch of rowdy 6th graders who weren't shy about answering questions. We were also provided free dinner! We start classes at 2pm tomorrow, with only 5 classes and a two hour dinner break.

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We are both living in South Korea teaching English as a second language to elementary aged students. We arrived in September 2008 to work at L*Bridge for one year. It's like a reality TV show without the cameras and obscene backstabbing. See you in 2009!