Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joe and I went to the hospital Thursday morning to get our physical, where they hilariously (not really) thought I was the hagwon manager who was transporting Joe around. We went to a Chinese restaurant in Lafesta afterwards, and this is what it looked like after I robbed the soup of noodles. Joe calls it '(Christine and Joe in the) 20,000 leagues under the (hot red chili peppered) sea.'

Seriously, baby octopus floating around.

Showing how much water two people can possibly drink within a half hour. This was not a good day for us.

This is aptly titled Riley, because the little white dog in rabbit skin looks like him. Joe disagrees, but I sometimes think Joe is wrong. There's tons of cute shops around Korea - this one was called Morning Glory, which is a huge stationary chain store in Korea that sells...everything.

Korea is actually quite infamous for Konglish, or sometimes just out right inappropriate shirts (we saw a guy tonight with a shirt that said Grand Clit's Delight). English is not their native tongue and many of them just suck at it. So it doesn't really matter what's written on it. We have noticed a lot of Michigan football t-shirts around here and agreed that Koreans, for some reason, like UCLA and Berkeley, quite enjoy Michigan.

But this was something special. We were walking down from the Chinese restaurant and in the display case of one of the clothing stores downstairs, was an Indiana shirt. "Indiana Delta-Zeta, Delta-Upsilon, Homecoming 89." Most random, but awesome shirt.

Also, because I think this is important:

It's a youtube video of the boy band group 'Big Bang,' whose song 'Haru Haru (Day by Day)' has somewhat ruined my life. Big Bang is so, well, big in Korea that the children we work with commonly say "I would die without Big Bang in my life" or "Big Bang is my life." It's a decent dance song. If you don't have the patience, you should listen past the 2minute mark.

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Mom said...

Oh, ick, yuck, gross, sick, etc. etc. How could you even order something like that and how in the world, Christine, could you even eat the noodles out of it???????? I know; what a wonderful experience!!!!!
The shops look great. I'd have to examine that stuffed dog a little closer to see if it looks like Riley. Did you buy that IU shirt? It looked pretty good for being so "old".
Christine, I've seen all kinds of pictures of Joe (which I don't mind), but I'd love to see some pictures of you as well. I'd like to see a picture of you eating something else in that soup besides the noodles!
Both of you take care. I love you!

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