Friday, October 10, 2008

The dog that spoke English

Sawyer is here! After a long flight from Indy, he has safely and legally arrived in South Korea. He enjoys walking around in the city and taking in all of the sights and new smells. He has become an instant celebrity here as there are no other Boston Terriers in this area. Some great lines Christine has overheard while walking the dog:
  • That dog speaks English!
  • [Girl #1] I like dogs like this. [Girl#2] What? Ugly dogs?
  • He looks foreign because he eats hamburgers. [After Christine explained to a man he was from America]


Mom said...

What a wonderful picture! I'm so glad Sawyer is safe and sound at "home". Christine - your look beautiful!

Lesley said...

Yay! So glad that Sawyer made it there safely! He is way too cute for words, and I bet you're happy to have him back with you. I know it would be absolute torture to be separated from my boys.

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